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There is a direct financial relationship between how organizations manage change and strategic success and.

Training, when combined with Coaching, increases productivity by 86%, against an increase of 22% training alone.

Research suggests that leaders and executives who receive personalized coaching are more likely to Excel and continue to grow as leaders through the understanding or knowledge of oneself, the knowledge of others and the knowledge or understanding of the context or environment.

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Leadership Coaching destinado a

Business Leaders: Gerentes. KAM.
Team Managers
Middle management
Employees in transition to management positions

Since 17 years old, Astra Coaching has specialized in helping to develop the potential of people, transform the organization, and solve some difficult problems.


Our aid drives:

  • We help to create an organizational culture based on results and accountability.
  • We help them build, Creative high performance teams to work efficiently handled the interpersonal tension and conflict.
  • We work with executives to implement its business strategy and improve their communication skills and their ability to interact with other successful, providing useful information and challenging expectations.
  • Performance Coaching to everyone in the company
    • The development of the emotional intelligence that allows to improve the working relationships based on trust with all the key stakeholders, fellow, subordinates and bosses to build powerful relationships and networks of allies.
    • Have your desire every day, guided by strong beliefs and values, that you allow innovate in everyday life and they enclose the purpose of a committed action , promoting that others do the same.
    • The development of competences cognitive as the thinking strategic and systemic, allow us to reframe and redefine challenges, the taking of decisions, change management and transformation skills as humility impulse, Temperance, serenity, the ambiguedad-frustracion tolerance, active listening, the empathy and connection, openness to feedback and the necessary resilience to adaptarseal context.
    • Develop skills for the conflict resolution, development, the facilitation of learning.

Contamos con los mejores recusos humanos y tecnicos adaptados a la finalidad de cada acción

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