Coaching context Integrator (C I C)

Gurus as well as different schools of coaching and leadership, defend the truth of its postulates, but There is no guarantee that a particular set of assumptions will work equally well in all contexts. In addition the causes of psychological acts, public (observable behaviors) or private (feelings; Emotions and thoughts), they are in the personal historical context that is constantly updated in interactions with the present context.


The Coaching System Integrator context (CIC) It represents an effort integrator of all theories and tools that are present today in the world of coaching, in order to apply them after a rigorous analysis of the context surrounding each person, Group and organization. There are no good or bad techniques, only techniques that respond better or worse, the historical and present context of every person and organization.

We work with Techniques specific, After a rigorous Diagnostics to establish what are the best in each case, integrating them with the Psychological processes emotional, cognitive, behavioral, systemic relational and the more advanced knowledge of leadership and Business Management.


Coaching Integrator (CIC) context: Benefits and implementation in practice


(1) High efficiency: Since the Coaching Integrator context, We extend the knowledge about one's self and others, in the context of historical and present in each person unfolds, applying coaching techniques most appropriate to achieve a high efficiency.

The Coaching Integrator context, This (2) based on scientific evidence and it promotes the adaptation of the person to the context, While acts to achieve its goals.

  • The integrative Coaching context provides "discernment" and tools, to overcome barriers (internal and external events) and grow professionally, in the desired direction.
  • This Contextual Coaching programs based on scientific evidence. Considered as programs and practices based on evidence by the US administration.

(3) Measurable through the contextual analaisis of conduct specific.

Programs and actions of leadership based on the "Contextual integrative Coaching" we include the "learning by doing" methodology, to increase the adaptation of the person to the context while it acts on the address of the desired goals to achieve them.

How do we act?


Since empathy and motivation, constantly promoting action in the direction of the programmed goals:

  • We evaluate the potential and competencies each client to set the GAP of implementation and goals to achieve.
  • We program the actions of Coaching staff and equipment, taking into account:
    1. The historic personal context of everyone updated in interactions with the present context
    2. Barriers that hinder progress in the direction of the desired goals (internal and external events)

In our programs and actions of leadership based on the "Contextual integrative Coaching" we include the "learning by doing" methodology, with experiences, contextualized techniques and procedures, from the rigour of the functional behavior analysis.

We achieve results and behavior change, by increasing the person adapted to the context, While we promote a highly effective action aligned with the strategy and values of each company, accelerating the achievement of the desired goals.

The goals and targets to achieve that we can raise with the Contextual integrative Coaching are many and varied. Let's take a look at some of them:

  • Awareness about yourself to lead from the acceptance and commitment to overcoming.
  • Learn how to identify internal and external barriers into opportunities for development.
  • Managing people from liability, Trust, authenticity and commitment.
  • Learn how to productively converse with computers.
    Learn how to manage change, diversity, the difference and the conflict.
  • Unwanted and extraordinary results in people for growth and organizational development.

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