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Puede inspirarse en algunas de las 57 situaciones siguientes. Como no puede ser de otra forma los objetivos más importantes necearan de las situaciones que Ud. ha experimentado

  1. Fears over Reinvention. We help you understand, their fears about a major new business opportunity.
  2. Balancing cost reduction and Growth. We help to balance many different priorities.
  3. I'm afraid I will fail as a leader. We help you take responsibility for becoming director. Discover how coaching can help you face your fears, and succeed as a director.
  4. Inspire your team. We help defend the growing demands of the organization inspiring ideas on the team, and gaining their trust for their commitment.
  5. Should not be burned at work. We help you trace the steps to change their work habits, and ascertain the effect they have on you. and organization.
  6. Assume the responsibility. We help you take responsibility for your actions eg responsibility for the dismissal of staff, and improve the morale of those who remain.
  7. Coping with Change. We help you manage change and get agreements with the changes that have to do on your computer.
  8. Get a new challenge. We help you develop a new challenge in his career and explore your options.
  9. Achieve a better balance work / lifetime. We help you achieve balance work / life that's right for you.
  10. Planning your successor. We help you deliver your succession plan effectively controlled.
  11. Problems with other quipos. We help you work with other teams in achieving a common goal.
  12. Resolution of a personality clash. We help you develop a better working relationship with your boss.
  13. Working with Consultants. We help you accept the threat of external consultants, gain confidence and develop a good working relationship with them.
  14. How I can spend more time with my computer?. We help you free up time in his busy schedule to meet your team.
  15. Believe in yourself. Have the courage of your convictions? Do you trust yourself to make the right decisions and take the right action? We help you recognize your limits and deal with negative thoughts and behaviors, that sabotage the desired action
  16. Time Trial. How to get what you want? Do you know which of their ideas is the best? We help you test and review your plan before committing.
  17. Put into action their strengths. How can you use your strengths to maximize their chances?. How you can play to your strengths to avoid any actual or potential threat?. Is there a way to use their opportunities to decrease weaknesses or deflect attention from them?.
  18. The power of affirmations. We help you change your beliefs and overcome what you. he says to himself and taken as absolute truth.
  19. Why anyone would want to hire me?. After being fired would be difficult to find a new job and maintain confidence. We help you handle this situation and turn it around so that regains its confidence and competitiveness to find a job
  20. I know what I want to do, but I have afraid to try. When fear stops you, How to find the determination to follow the career of your dreams?
  21. Am I making the right choice?. Learn the least effective budgets use to make decisions and some tips to make good decisions. Learn to recognize the subconscious fears that prevents the use of the opportunities available to you.
  22. Mastering Your Mind. How thoughts affect your daily life - for better or for worse? Take the time to pay attention to these thoughts, and note where they could hold back. Find out how to remove barriers to their success.
  23. Do you hear your heart?. Have you ever felt torn between what he tells his head and his heart- and you do not know what to do? We help you find what's right for you.
  24. The stories that direct our lives. What are the views and beliefs that hide in your head, and affect the way you see things and people?
  25. Get motivation and perseverance to overcome difficulties. Become aware of what you most want and understand the amount of effort required to make this happen. It's simple, but effective.
  26. My motivation. Discover why "want" something is much more motivating than "have to" or "should"
  27. Think, act. Do you spend too much time thinking instead of doing time? If so, What is it that is preventing act now?
  28. No more excuses. Learn why make excuses. We help you stop doing, and move on with your life and career.
  29. Change your attitude. A simple change of perspective may be all it takes to change how we feel about difficult situations and difficult people, and give us a more balanced view of life issues.
  30. What's the worst that can happen?. We can learn to use our worst fears in a positive way.
  31. People . Do you find it difficult to talk to certain people? Are you or avoid or regret the way you react? We help solve problems communicating with your boss and co.
  32. I hate to delegate. Is it difficult to delegate tasks, but he also knows he has too many things to do?
  33. Do not take it personally criticism. We help you deal with other people's comments objectively and constructively.
  34. Patience is a virtue. Want everything right away? Forgot how to be patient? Maybe you need to consider the benefits of slowing.
  35. When the need to control dominates him. Discover the benefits of distancing themselves from this need to improve their ability to
  36. management and control
  37. What is your view?. Learn how to search for alternative views, to understand other people and their best reactions.
  38. Who to blame?. Be aware of what it means to take responsibility, and break free from the cycles of guilt.
  39. Prepare for success. Success requires commitment and determination to be the best we can be. This means allowing room for mistakes, but learning as we go, and apply each new lesson for our next experience.
  40. Do you know the causes of what really bothers?. We help you identify the causes and find solutions.
  41. ¿Es Out. a person who knows Play?. You know, give and receive feedback?. How good a listener are you? Discover why not listen, and how you can greatly improve your relationships with others, just listening more effectively.
  42. Do your actions speak louder than words?. You know, reduce stress?. How I can be more assertive without changing who I am? I'm a perfectionist? Will this benefit me or hurts?.
  43. When you is exhausted / a and overwhelmed / a, is easy to lose perspective and become less effective. Find ways to restore calm and control. You appreciate what you have?.
  44. You know negotiate with empathy?.
  45. Why am I stuck?.
  46. What other situations we help you?.
  47. Leaving Work at Work. We help you draw the line between work life and family life
  48. Situaciones que alteran su estabilidad psicologica.
  49. Mood disorder. Anger; Sadness; Depression.
  50. Reducir el sufrimiento
  51. Help the proper handling of emotions
  52. Help make better and healthier choices
  53. promote a better understanding of self and the environment
  54. Promote the personal growth
  55. Anxiety disorders
  56. Personality disorders.
  57. No se lo que me pasa. Las cosas no me van bien

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