Coaching Sales Manager

Gerencia de Ventas Virtual

2020 marked the beginning of a radical change in the world of sales. Because of the global health crisis, travel bans and compliance restrictions, the sale has become virtual and its managements have to lead this change and manage it.

Whether you're making the transition to the "Virtual Sales Management" or you want to increase your or your team's success in a digital environment, we can make it easier and boosting the results of Medical Managers, Medical Science Liaison (MSL; Medical affairs...

In our workshop "Virtual Sales Management"• of 2 days, will learn how to generate value, develop strong relationships with your vendors and conduct masterful conversations remotely.

This is a highly interactive virtual workshop designed for small groups.

The link between effective sales coaching and better sales performance is widely known. It is a fact that the results are best achieved by accompanying the sellers to reach their full potential.

Participants develop sales coaching skills. Later, aprenden técnicas y estrategias para cambiar actitudes capitalizando las fortalezas de cada vendedor para implementar la función de Gerante y Coach de ventas


Sales Managers, in a virtual sales-oriented environment you will learn how to:

      • Adjusting the style based on face-to-face sales
      • Construir relaciones sólidas con vendedores y clientes a través de una comunicación efectiva virtual telefónica o telemática
      • Helping people grow and develop your sales skills
      • Effectively communicate sales expectations
      • Set challenging but achievable goals and develop sales action plans
      • Identify specific training opportunities to improve the virtual sales process
      • Using performance standards to increase sales effectiveness of coaching
      • Develop online collaboration solutions and overcome performance-holding hurdlees
      • Facilitates virtual informal coaching. La sesión de coaching virtual se puede iniciar en cualquiera de las fases del modelo GROW

We will help you:

    • Print speed and accuracy in decision-making by improving individual and organizational performance.
    • Develop a collaborative leadership style.
    • Create an organizational culture of accountability and development.
    • Building high-performance relationships by managing interpersonal tension.
    • Update your business strategy
    • Improve your communication skills and ability to interact successfully with others, in virtual environments by providing useful information and setting expectations.
    • Listen, give positive and negative feedback in virtual environments
    • Empathize and act assertively in virtual contexts
    • Establish conditions that facilitate motivation and motivation of sellers.

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