Coaching Comercial


Coaching sales managers

The link between effective sales coaching and better sales performance is widely known. However, Many sales managers focus only on the final results. They overlook the fact that the results are best achieved by helping others reach their full potential.

Participants receive in-depth analysis of your current level of sales skills coaching. Later, they learn techniques and strategies to minimize the identified constraints and capitalize on their strengths to implement the function of business coach.


Sales Managers, commercial and business coach coordinators, they will learn the skills model of ACTGROW in an environment oriented to sales:

  • Adjust the style of mentoring based on individual sales and / or sales opportunity
  • Build strong relationships with coachees through effective communication
  • Helping people grow and develop your sales skills
  • Effectively communicate sales expectations
  • Set challenging but achievable goals and develop sales action plans
  • Identify specific training opportunities to enhance the sales process
  • Using performance standards to increase sales effectiveness of coaching
  • Develop collaboration and overcome obstacles that hinder performance
  • Facilitates the informal coaching. The coaching session can begin at any stage model ACTGROW


(Capacity + Knowledge) -Internal and external events hindering the action

ACTGROW print speed and accuracy in decision making by improving individual and organizational performance by facilitating the GROW model does not halt.

MANAGER and SALES COORDINATORS OCCUPY A DIFFICULT SITUATION IN ORGANIZATION MIDDLE, taking orders and have to be run; must be a commercial model values, virtues and skills that requires the company to its vendors and customers. Como gestor, must be relentless in prospecting and monitoring that make business sellers. Some of the goals of coaching are:

  • Passing a command and control style of management leadership style ae more collaborative.

  • Create an organizational culture of accountability and development.

  • Build high performance teams handling interpersonal tension.

  • Update your business strategy

  • Improve your communication skills and ability to interact successfully with others, providing useful information and establishing expectations.

  • Listen, dar feedback positivo y negativo,

  • Empathize and act assertively in different contexts

  • Building a cohesive work environment, and help your business forward

  • Working with passion and emotional self.

  • Set high ethical standards. Leading by Example

  • Effectively manage time showing availability for your company and its vendors.

  • Establish conditions that facilitate motivation and motivation of sellers.

  • Conflict Resolution.

  • Business Meetings.

  • Evaluation desepeño.

  • Desaarrollo of sales models depending on the type of products and customers needs.

Relational and Team Coaching

Transform individual and group performance, in high performance teams.

Develop between its participants both competitions individual as skills of team, and we build cohesive teams.

  • Intervention real team meetings. Key aspects to note, types of interventions, powerful questions, feedback and feedforward and dynamic exercises.
  • Activities and exercises to establish the diagnosis and vision equipment.
  • Cohesionamos a multidisciplinary team in a short time
  • We rank the members of a particular group, por ejemplo, in the style of leadership
  • Shared Leadership.
  • Systemic Constellations
  • High performance teams.
  • Motivation.
  • Communication.
  • Resilience.
  • Time management.
  • DMO.
  • Networking
  • Coaching systemic organizational processes in complex situations