Top 10 Competencies



We have developed a Flexible program that integrates the Top Astra Skilss 10 Competencies. The resolution of complex problems It allows us to differentiate ourselves and emerge in the market one is disruptive and highly competitive.

If organizations in the face of uncertainty take refuge in trying to solve complex problems with known solutions that have lost their strategic value they will not reach the scheduled destination.

The psychological barriers that prevent you from detaching from the old in search of what is strategically and tactically working come mainly from two obstacles:

  • The merger with solutions that no longer work as they should and actaun as bands that prevent them see other roads.
  • The avoidance of new solutions, afraid to question a change of their paradigms that are identified, feeling success as a failure to their postulates who have turned into dogmas of faith.


In this context the management of staff will become more demanding, attached to the reality or context, fast, linked to the business and flexible to manage a culture open to change and innovation.

Only people with a high cognitive flexibility they will be able to perform high in problem solving

In disruptive situations of uncertainty and change, the psychological flexibility, occupy the center of evolutionary adaptation that will facilitate: Coordination between people and equipment; Negotiating skills; Decision making in uncertainty; Critical thinking and other skills that cited as more important world economic forum.

At Astra, we integrate in our designs, with new advances in behavioral sciences, contextual and evolutionary, together with development frameworks that connect highly relevant content, and they are provided by trainers-Coach-mentors, with a high versatility. and training.



Based on the needs of organizations and individuals:

  • We make it easier to assimilate new knowledge to do things differently
  • We tackle every learning challenge with the best resources available
  • We develop attitudes that facilitate the implementation of new skills

The process of digital transformation requires that in most positions workers have the digital skills and behaviors necessary to work in this era. The World Economic Forum notes that for the year 2022 at least 54% employees will require studies in a different field than they are currently in (reskilling) and an improvement of their current skills (upskilling)

We address each learning challenge with the best available technological and methodological resources to meet the challenges demanded by the new work environment to develop two different types of skills:

  • Using and applying technological knowledge
  • Knowing how to act effectively in a digital environment by working collaboratively and flexibly, adapting to situations that change permanently.

We help people get to know each other better and identify the ways to learn that best fit their style. You can learn with others in person or virtual with formal or informal actions, depends on the style of each person.

We tackle every learning challenge with the best technological and methodological resources available.

We provide leadership skills through conference videos, Gurus, Readings, encouraging development through self-learning,

We work to facilitate the attitudes that enable the implementation of new skills through face-to-face training sessions and coaching

As technical and human skills consultants, from astra consultants and AMP Group We help them answer these and other questions by facilitating the development of new knowledge and skills...

  • What should professionals learn in this age?
  • Do professionals have the skills to work in this era?
  • Do you know how to help them develop new skills?
  • How do people learn as quickly as the professional environment demands?
  • Have you identified the key groups where knowledge needs to be recycled or updated and new skills developed?.
  • Are you ready to help people develop the skills the market needs?


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