Executive Search

Solutions in the search and attraction of Managers

More than 20 years of experience identifying

"The Talent That Leads to the Success of Our Clients and Candidates"

Direct search

We are experts in direct search, providing a value added compared to other methods of selection:

  • Quickly and effectively
  • Access to the best professionals in the market. Search of potential candidates, assets and liabilities
  • Fit with demanded personal and professional profile
  • Maximum confidentiality throughout the process of search
  • Detailed analysis of the specific market situation

We understand our work as a collaborative project with our customers in which we offer you:

Professionals and capabilities as consultants.

Processes and systems dedicated to excellence in the identification and talent search.

We can offer our clients a transparent search process, with access to data in real time.

High-quality list of shortlisted candidates ensuring talent that leads to the success of different business cultures by:

  • Partners Specialized consultants with high technical training.
  • Attention to work with good practices and rigor in each process.
  • Highly validated assessment tools.
  • Global recruitment.