Feedback on the Continuous performance evaluation

Do we understand?! Can we understand?

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is if we understand, When is the posibilites in general. The second that we have to ask ourselves when is negative posibilites, If we can understand.

Negative feedback, If delivered properly, It is effective for improving performance always attitudes and predisposition to receive it permitted. The posibilites must focus on the data and facts linked to the performance objectives, and not on the person, Although being the person who receives it, must we know it to value the qualitative aspects such as language, non-verbal that we use and rules that allows your acceptance and understanding. The main objective will be to assist in continuous improvement without diminishing their motivation.

Effective Posibilites

An effective posibilites is based on specific information, descriptive, practical and performed at the appropriate environment and respond to questions that they put the focus on what is important:.

  • Partial objectives, Goals to reach and values or behaviors and actions tailored to the procedures and practices of the Organization . Where do I go?: what are the objectives? What I want to achieve? How do you achieve it?.
  • A tracking of the agreed plans. How can I?: what progress are being made towards the goal: activities should carry out to progress?

Leaders give a more positive than negative feedback, them is perceived as more effective leaders in such a way that duty we give posibilites negative between two slices of positive posibilites minimum although the ideal ratio should be even greater in 4 a 1. Being a Hunter of positive aspects to strengthen is essential for management.

Critical incidents at different stages of a formal or informal assessment interview

Trying to critical incidents, it arise during the various stages of the continuous assessment of performance, We will achieve:

  • Continuous improvement and troubleshooting help, increasing the motivation and performance of persons.
  • Increase the sense of belonging and commitment
  • Contribute to the negative behaviors can be corrected
  • Reinforce behaviors already positive attitudes
  • Generate a relationship where trust is relevant and two-way communication between both effective.

Astra consultants consultant since more than 20 years old, as bringing to fruition, both formal and informal assessments of performance for multinationals, medium-sized enterprises and SMBs.

Our training actions, they bring into play the skills to implement, in major emergencies and critical incidents, that it emerge during the evaluation. These critical incidents, describe appropriate and inappropriate behaviors of evaluation at every stage of the performance evaluation interview.

Our job is to provide the attendees experiences, critical incidents and resources that allow them to:

  • Set the focus of the interview, because only cambiamos performance by changing the approach to which also work to the opening of the worker to the experience without damages. Here we have to take into account that covers very little tightening
  • Develop a positive disposition: Allows us to be present for nor become entangled with internal events and tendencies of behavior that hinder decision-making and the desired action.
  • Getting moving: Determination and commitment to do what needs to be done, What matters most in every moment.

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