Strength and Mental flexibility

What is the cost of lack of control over our mental and emotional states in economic terms such as time, productivity, health and energy?. We need to improve control in mental and emotional states to increase productivity in terms of both economic and time, leadership, health and energy.

We will have to work with the factors that affect people's Flexibility and Psychological Strength and equip them with tools to develop it in their professional and personal lives.

Improve performance at work, doing at every moment what has to be done without the difficulties defeating us by acting with energy in the direction that matters most by giving the best of each.

Get the main virtues of the people who have a high Mental toughness:

      • Keep the focus. Do what must be done at each time dealing with external events and internal (cognitive) braking action
      • The Willingness to Deal with difficulties in a flexible and creative way
      • Action: Get moving with energy that provides the focus on what matters most .

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  1. La flexibilidad cognitiva permite subirnos a la ola de los cambios disruptivos

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