Training Educational Area

Children and young people

Auto-Liderazgo y Responsabilidad Personal

Debate schools

Skills to undertake

Managing emotions

Personal branding

Escuela de emprendedores

Parents and teachers

Self-leadership. Knowledge of the strengths of children and adolescents

Enhancing the success of students and children

Training effective habits. Generating healthy habits

Empathy Program. Student teacher interpersonal communication techniques

Técnicas de Coaching para niños y adolescentes

Desarrollo de la responsabilidad personal y la productividad


Time management

Solución de conflictos interpsonales

Desarrollo de Líderes

Hemos adaptado numerosos recursos empresariales al ámbito escolar desarrollando programas de habilidades personales, interpersonales y grupales

Personal skills

    • Self-knowledge. Valores y principios personales
    • Self-leadership. Self-motivation
    • Critical thinking
    • Stress management
    • Troubleshooting. Decision making
    • Creativity
    • Focus and vision
    • Time management
    • Resiliencia: Autorregulación emocional, ability to deal with frustrations.
    • Proactivity
    • Physical balance, mental y espiritual: Cuidado de nuestro cuerpo, mind and spirit.
    • Persuasión e influencia. Marketing personal
    • Flexibility and exit from the comfort zone to overcome fears, changes or obstacles
    • Speech and verbal expression

Interpersonal skills

    • How to Establish Communication and Support Relationships
    • How to gain power and influence
    • Emotion management and conflict negotiation
    • How to motivate
    • Coaching techniques
    • Habilidades sociales: Capacidad para crear vínculos emocionales y de calidad.
    • Técnicas de comunicación:
      • From passivity or aggression to assertiveness
      • From Passive Listening to Active Listening
      • Give feedback constructively
      • Incomprehension to Empathy
      • From frustration to The Messages I
      • Make laugh for ...
      • Conflict treatment
      • Ask effectively
      • Summarize
      • Making requests
      • Be positive and reward you
      • Generate ideas
      • Liderar para desarrollar: De la Supervisión al Coaching, Mentoring and Delegation
      • Active communication and listening
      • Negociación y gestión de conflictos: Mentalidad ‘win-win’ y actitud mediadora.

Group Skills

    • Collaboration and teamwork.
    • Performance-oriented teambuilding
    • Change Management
    • Intercultural Understanding and Tolerance

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