Training Educational Area

  • Children and young people

  • Self-Leadership and Personal Responsibility
  • Debate schools
  • Skills to undertake
  • Managing emotions
  • Personal branding
  • School of entrepreneurs

Parents and teachers

Self-leadership. Knowledge of the strengths of children and adolescents

  • Enhancing the success of students and children
  • Training effective habits. Generating healthy habits
  • Empathy Program. Student teacher interpersonal communication techniques
  • Coaching techniques for children and adolescents
  • Developing personal responsibility and productivity
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Interpsonal conflict resolution

We have adapted numerous business resources to the school field by developing personal skills programs, interpersonal and group


Personal skills

    • Self-knowledge. Personal values and principles
    • Self-leadership. Self-motivation
    • Critical thinking
    • Stress management
    • Troubleshooting. Decision making
    • Creativity
    • Focus and vision
    • Time management
    • Resilience: Emotional self-regulation, ability to deal with frustrations.
    • Proactivity
    • Physical balance, mental and spiritual: Caring for our bodies, mind and spirit.
    • Persuasion and influence. Personal marketing
    • Flexibility and exit from the comfort zone to overcome fears, changes or obstacles
    • Speech and verbal expression

Interpersonal skills

    • How to Establish Communication and Support Relationships
    • How to gain power and influence
    • Emotion management and conflict negotiation
    • How to motivate
    • Coaching techniques
    • Social Skills: Ability to Create Emotional and Quality Bonds.
    • Communication techniques:
      • From passivity or aggression to assertiveness
      • From Passive Listening to Active Listening
      • Give feedback constructively
      • Incomprehension to Empathy
      • From frustration to The Messages I
      • Make laugh for ...
      • Conflict treatment
      • Ask effectively
      • Summarize
      • Making requests
      • Be positive and reward you
      • Generate ideas
      • Lead to Develop: From Supervision to Coaching, Mentoring and Delegation
      • Active communication and listening
      • Negotiation and conflict management: Win-win mentality and mediating attitude.

Group Skills

    • Collaboration and teamwork.
    • Performance-oriented teambuilding
    • Change Management
    • Intercultural Understanding and Tolerance