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Institute of Medical Leadership

The ability to achieve results is based on the powerful combination of three factors: the strategy , the right analysis, and accurate execution. Strong leadership generates routinely and effectively, an optimal combination of the three factors. We can say that strong leadership is the factor that allows outstanding results to be achieved.

In health care, it's exactly this kind of leadership, decisive and innovative, cross-sectional type, that extends to all doctors, challenged and supplanted on numerous occasions to the detriment of the overall performance of the health system.

Undoubtedly, structures, responsibility and incentives have a critical role to play in the health system. But because leadership, often it's often just based on clinical experience, technical or financial, difficulties often arise in addressing challenges in managing interpersonal and interpersonal competencies.

Our commitment to promote the Institute of Medical Leadership is motivated by our deep belief that those who care for our health must also lead it, for the good of the whole community.

ILMED. Medical Leadership Institute proposes to the council a set of medical leadership programs, developed with current scientific content and with the participation of physicians.

The Medical Leadership Academy would have the following specific purposes that affect the medical collective:

  • Develop a complete understanding of talent and how to apply it to increase leadership impact
  • Examining how leadership improves outcomes.
  • Developing an improvement in interpersonal effectiveness.

The task of leading is complex, stimulating and challenging. Our initial proposal, subject to the adjustments proposed by the Council, would consist of the development of training actions one per month.

The teaching methodology will combine lectures, audiovisual material, case method, resolution of problems, exercises and group dynamics, writing reports, discussion of articles, role play.

Programs tailored to each health institute. Example of medical leadership program

Continued Medical Training

Orientados a la solución de los problemas reales y a mejorar las habilidades y competencias de los profesionales dedicados a esta actividad sanitaria. Los contenidos de los programas están elaborados por médicos de reconocido prestigio y concebidos para ofrecer los avances científico-técnicos más relevantes producidos en los distintos ámbitos de la profesión médica.

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