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Formación personalizada y contextualizada en:

  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Interpersonal Relations

Algunos incidentes críticos para elaborar un propuesta personalizada

    • Conversational skills
    • Listen effectively and demonstrate to clients that are listening
    • Recognize the thoughts of the customer during the sales call to show respect and empathy
    • Use transition skills to establish context and to raise questions and issues.
    • Confirm understanding and show interest.
    • Identify mutually beneficial customer commitments and use them to plan future interactions.
    • Build a relationship and move smoothly towards the business discussion.
    • Encourage clients to express their concerns and hesitations directly
    • Use effective questions to facilitate an open exchange of information.
    • Discover the circumstances motivating needs explicit and implied customers. Recognize each need accurately before inserting features and benefits.
    • Ensure understanding and build trust.
    • Find a balance between open and closed questions.
    • Four steps to address the needs of customers
    • Choose the best time - and the most powerful and persuasive - way to talk about its offer and organization
    • Describe the relevant characteristics they will benefit the customer, According to the customer's specific needs and the advantages of its proposal.
    • Recognize, differentiate and solve the main objections and concerns of customers
    • Useful questions to understand the concern of a customer before dealing with it.
    • Overcome the skepticism of a customer by providing relevant evidence.
    • Eliminate misunderstandings by providing accurate information.
    • Overcome the drawbacks, underlining the relevant customer benefits.
    • Overcome the indifference or potential problems.
    • Close, to ensure the commitment of the client.
    • We produce fun and competitive challenges of equipment for a better understanding of the skills.
    • In Group and team exercises to improve the use and understanding of the skills.
    • Activities, to enhance the learning experience



  • Communicate with the form of motivational patterns of communication of each client in mind
  • Relational Sale


Negotiation Commercial I-II:

  • Negotiate collaboratively to reach agreements beneficial to parties.
  • Negotiate competitive way to develop tactics that will allow us to gain a beneficial agreement


  • La Atención al cliente y su experiencia: Fidelización del cliente
  • Commercial treatment of complaints
  • The bond between the customer and the sale
  • High Impact Sales
  • Consultative selling
  • Relational sales. Identify the personality of the customer, how you like working to adapt and sell, taking into account the way in which likes to interact with others
  • Venta a grupos: Presentaciones Comerciales
  • Planificación de Ventas Complejas para desarrollar más oportunidades y probabilidades de ventas.


  • Organización y Gestión Territorial del trabajo comercial
  • Liderazgo y Dirección de Equipos Comerciales
  • Coaching Comercial Gerentes Ventas
  • Marketing plans
  • Lanzamiento de productos
  • Meetings
  • Troubleshooting
  • Evaluación del desempeño MODE

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