Talent management consulting

We work with our customers to help desirable for talented candidates, increase their productivity and get their success


Study in depth every situation, each corporate culture, identifying the objectives and the resistance to change.

  • Job analysis and description.
  • Elaboration of corporate manuals and identification of business values.
  • Definition of competencies and management models


Evaluation of performance and talent development programs.

  • Performance evaluation. Design of tools to measure.
  • Assessment Center
  • Design and implementation of employee satisfaction scales


Action plans to achieve changes in the corporate culture of our clients, implementing programs of development of people to achieve the objective, designing strategies for action, team building and empowering leadership and commitment.

  • Training in management skills
  • Executive Coaching
  • Implementation of competency-based management systems


Programmes which will attract, develop and engage people with the company customer

  • Design of career plans
  • Commitment management programs
  • Hosting plans

"For every need, a value approach and an integrated solution. ""

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"Value approaches and solutions that integrate the identification of the necessary talent, their commitment and motivation, with the software tools that support them and business goals."

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