Leadership for a new reality

Rowing together for the common good

New reality

Workers and community try to function and perform, as they struggle to cope with what happens in their daily lives.

Many struggle to survive

Companies are still determining how we change the way we work, short-term and long-term.

If we want the company to survive, they will be forced to lead compassionately and take care of our workforces and communities

Notes on decision-making in this new scenario

1.- Responding rather than reacting to the new reality and building trust

  • Gaining credibility and gaining people's trust will be critical to competitiveness over the next five years for both businesses and communities.
  • People always need to trust leaders. But especially now.
  • It's not just about reacting to the crisis. There is also a need to be answered by caring for each individual and the community as a whole.
  • Leaders concerned and actively busy to show that they know where they're going, while acting with full transparency.
  • They make decisions addressing physical needs, psychological and relationship of groups and individuals.

2.- Plan and act

  • The leader knows what happens to each member of the organization and frees them from unnecessary activities to develop and integrate all their cognitive abilities, emotional and intuitive with intelligence and insight.
  • Promotes responsible use of technology and innovation by aligning them with the mission and purpose of the organization.
  • Establish agile, multifunctional teams by breaking silos once and for all. Multifunctional equipment that makes full and creative use of technology, considering its potential benefits and dangers.

3.- The art of communicating in this context

  • Don't deploy a cataract of data that you throw at others, hoping that they will be persuaded of the reality that underpins them
  • Tell stories and metaphors with meaning for those who should follow you in times of great stress and ambiguity. What people want is to hear their ideas clearly
  • The leaders of the organization will be lame ducks with only their wisdom. Their faces and proposals have to be remembered, through stories and metaphors full of compassion and affection
  • Make the alignment of stories a reality with the purpose and shared values of the organization that must be redefined to include among them the common good. Credibility and trust are essential to leading this new reality.

4.- Acceptance and Commitment

Acceptance of reality and not avoidance will facilitate an action full of purpose and commitment to move in the desired direction.

5.- Keep in mind the new generations of Leaders

The new generations of leaders are focused on generating value, mainly promoting business models that generate profitable growth, sustainable and improve social outcomes at the same time.

6.- Psychological flexibility

Contextual and evolutionary psychology facilitating business survival.

Psychological flexibility will allow:

    • Be aware of what happens at a time, without losing sight of the most important things you want to achieve
    • Act in the desired direction without the brakes that involve negative internal events, annoying or painful
    • Successfully combine responsibility , innovation and performance improvement
    • Generate sustainable models that can be trusted for people to accept and engage
    • Get to know the Stakeholders in depth
    • Develop a culture where humility, acceptance and compassion for others this present
    • Implementation of actions that promote physical and psychological well-being
    • Optimal working climate based on the excellent relationships of all actors
    • Get action loaded with purpose and commitment from all actors

Processes to build psychological flexibility:

    • Mindfulness to what happens in the business moment by moment, without losing direction that marks the company's vision and mission
    • Estrangement that does not prevent negative mental events
    • Acceptance of reality for the search for solutions and not of culprits
    • Determined people with courage who have an action supported by a firm purpose and a lasting commitment. With a determined purpose and committed action

Psychological flexibility will allow a quick adaptation to the evolutionary context to face difficulties with determination, courage, creativity and Commitment

7.- Open mind and wake up to:

They are able to combine the essential elements seen above effectively to achieve success in the different present and future contexts.

8. Developing and freeing people's skills

These words and relational frameworks that occur when combined, must resonate with leaders for strategic decision-making and tactical deployment.

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