Management: The old, What's new and you need

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The postverdad, conformism and streamlining pseudoscientific that distorts the facts so that they adapt to the previous hypothesis. It is the world which promote leaders mediocre that they govern and capan what stand out or dimmed its luster. Fear is your gasoline and power your Core Business or essential competition. The old and the new economy. Move forward or backward?

Management: The old, What's new and you need

The old

Manage talent, with fear of the different, the proactive and change. They love the status quo and his comfort zone, which attempt to systematically widening surrounding himself with profiles to your needs. People of lesser stature than his, submissive to give brightness to your vision. Some of this leaders end up believing is what tells them the wonderful mirror which have been created since the manipulator ends auto manipulating. Some of these executives end up in the bed of the doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist with narcissistic disorder, cholesterol, cardiovascular and stroke, liver function disorders, usually due to excessive food and/or alcohol consumption, Depressive disorders and anxiety... etc.

Their environments a working climate of tension and stress is generated in general because they impose their personal vision and interests, to maximize the performance and efficiency. This leads them to not optimize their equipment to the extent of the present and future needs of the company. When someone highlighting sneaks them, close them their access to projects in which sobresaldrían or assesses them incorrectly or require them to unattainable levels of perfection, using the errors as a lever against change. They are patrons of conformism and streamlining.

What's new

In Astra consultants have professionals and resources to help organizations as:

You need

The old and the new management are difficult to mix like oil and water. We have to learn to be bold, creative and generating resources and the needs of people and the context.

The old and the new. Move forward or backward?. Have as its mission and goals, both leads to inaction. Back leads to nothing in the best and the worst to a scheduled destruction....

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