We help mentors to realize the full potential of the mentee reality.


mentoringAstra Mentoring put all our hopes on helping mentors who memorized can better recognize their own strengths and weaknesses:

• Encouraging them to set goals or additional goals to improve performance.
• Monitor and review progress in achieving the goals.
• Identifying problems that may negatively influence progress.
• Generating alternatives and an action plan to address the problems identified.
• Deepening understanding of the work environment.



Our customized programs for companies and institutions allow the mentor


leanAdvise the learner on how to achieve goals
Support and encourage action in times of stress and uncertainty
Providing challenging ideas
Help "decode" corporate cultures
Being a role model that favors the development of mentee
Share experiences and career development
Demonstrate skills and behaviors necessary for success
Demonstrate corporate values

To promote entrepreneurship

Programs and guides to build an effective process of assistance to mentees them.

The figure of the mentor in Greek culture (MENTOR was the instructor chose her experience by ULISES, and not because of their academic knowledge, for TELEMACHUS, through the figure of the master and the apprentice in the trades of the middle ages to the guardian as contained in current pedagogy.

We obtain a shared circulation of knowledge to streamline the processes of innovation to a job?. Where will be the knowledge in situations of external rotations? We have with? Model flexible human resources for do implement a vision of business and internal service?, is the Chief immediate the real Manager of the people and his own director of resources human?. would have? Shared information systems and document management systems? ¿ We develop systems of learning individualizados to give response to specific problems in people and business units?.

MENTORING is constituted as a source of continuous learning. The mentor can guide the development of the knowledge, producing an innovation management system, to channel efforts towards achievable and plausible objectives, valuing the efforts yrentabilizando innovation at each time.

These four functions can collate and interact among themselves to fully view the Mission of the mentor, roles to play and its tools would be:

Mentor as introducer of the mentee and popularizer of the knowledge

Mentor as a developer of knowledge

  • Research of the main dialogue set up to develop the activity of the mentor
  • Research of the core competencies of mentor.
  • This proposal remains open to adjustment of content and the final negotiation of the economic agreement.



We develop:

Tools and skills to mentor

Activities to develop skills in the mentee

Semi-structured dialogues to support mentor