Presentation Astra Selection


Key behaviors

  • The identities of the candidates are given only with their consent and only to relevant and interested customers.
  • We do not accept fees from potential candidates.
  • We carry out projects only if we are sure to complete them successfully.
  • We understand that a successful consulting relationship requires mutual trust and discretion, we hope that our customers will not hide from us information necessary for selection and integration.
  • We do not consider race criteria, Sex, religion or age.



We select leaders with high ethical standards, able to integrate into the customer's culture and lead the changes assigned to it. This sets us apart in search of executives...

We use the best digital tools along with the latest hiring techniques to help you find the best talent, faster and more efficiently...

Talent is not enough, must be flexible, inspire, create, develop, adapt to change, solve problems and especially to influence people. We help your organization create a scalable, purpose-oriented leadership culture...

  • Assessment: Assessment and development centres

    Evaluation Centers:

    • Evaluation of managers
    • Teams or individual competence assessments. Middle management. Commercial networks.
    • Identifying barriers to change and solutions to implement.

    Development centers

    • Skills and Skills Analysis
    • Developing Emotional Intelligence
    • Leadership Model Development
    • Generic Skills Development
    • Development of Management Skills
    • Developing Business Skills
    • Development of racing







We assist each company's strategy helping to integrate business management, human resources and information technology

Our biggest thanks to all our customers during these last 25 years old. Some of them are:



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