We act as consultants in every selection process


    • Interview Critical Incidents for Skills and Skills Identification. you'd need outstanding performance.
    • In-depth interviews:
    • Identify the potential for integration with the values and culture of organizations.
    • Personality profile identification
    • References

Situational tests

In Basket: Problem-solving

In Traye: goals. Strategies. Action plan.

Simulations: Planning and organization. Problem Analysis. Logical judgment. Decision making Interpersonal Sensitivity.

Interactive Role Playing

Group Dynamics

Projects based on the work to be carried out.

Test Validated:

    • Performance Appraisal
    • Personality.
    • Skills and professional competencies
    • Skills.
    • Leadership.
    • Teamwork.
    • Communication.
    • Culture.
    • Values.
    • Diagnosis of behavioral and personality disorders.

Assessment centers

    • Evaluation of managers
    • Teams or individual competence assessments. Middle management. Commercial networks.
    • Identifying barriers to change and solutions to implement.

Development centers

    • Skills and Skills Analysis
    • Developing Emotional Intelligence
    • Leadership Model Development
    • Generic Skills Development
    • Development of Management Skills
    • Developing Business Skills
    • Development of racing