Engineers and technicians

Astra Engineering cuenta con consultores globales especializados en la seleccion de ingenieros indutriales en España y el extranjero.

    • Engineering industrial.
    • Engineering ambiental.
    • Engineering informática y de sistemas.
    • Engineering en industrias Alimentarias.
    • Engineering Mecatrónica…

Astra INGENIERING specializes primarily in the following areas:

      • Electronic
      • Health
      • Pharmacy
      • Chemical


We selected professionals with varying degrees of experience ( Directivos, middle managers, managers, officials) that implement the following functions:

      • Marketing.
      • Sales.
      • Service after sales.
      • Quality.
      • estión general.
      • Planning and design
      • Methods and industrialization.
      • Shopping.
      • Production.
      • Logistics.
      • Project Manager
      • Ingenieros informaticos
      • Ingenieros de organización
      • Ingenieros electricos

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