The effective implementation of the strategy ends up being, ultimately, a matter of talent of people of the company and its customers.

Markets are increasing exponentially the complexity, the risk and uncertainty of doing business. As a result, companies that seek to achieve a high performance must take bold decisions. Decisions that must anticipate change and frequently based on uncertain information. Thus in e this situation, the quality and completeness of the information available for decision-making and the ability to reflect on the consequences of the existing options marks the quality of strategy. The risk increases if once decided the strategies, they are braking or adulterated in its execution.

The effective implementation of the strategy ends up being, ultimately, a matter of talent of people of the company and its customers. It is on these aspects where Astra consultants can bring a few grains of value to their customers.

The strategy is as good as which are the professionals in charge of making it reality. The task of finding and managing talent is increasingly complex and sometimes contradictory. The quarries of talent that we come to know in the past are being depleted, While new ones are opened quickly.

These trends create major challenges for managers and leaders of organizations, both large and small. The talent is in short supply locally, There are fewer young people in the template and many skilled workers fail to respond to the growing demand for new capabilities. On the other hand, demographic pressures and insufficient training, they add to the difficulties of finding talent in competitive contexts.

The competitive context, move into the confusing world of information. They require new methods of work and the establishment of new relationships, you increase the commitment of talent.

Managing in times of uncertainty requires an honest self-assessment and the ability to operate effectively in an environment of constant change. Companies that are adaptable and can run change quickly, they will be much more likely to achieve a high performance provided that they have:

  • Leaders who can establish a firm course, inspire the template and keep the attention of professionals, focused on the objectives of the company during periods of uncertainty.

  • Leaders that they should try to anticipate the change from positions of strength

  • Leaders real productivity-oriented. Focused on what's important. Without showing indecision to give proper instructions, as the relevant, to generate inspiration and commitment.

  • Leaders aware of the context, for accepting it try to overcome internal and external barriers, you are holding back the creativity, the realization of ideas and the rapid overcoming of defeats.

More carefully elaborated strategies, they will be nothing if not an inspiring leadership we develop in-house, focused on what is important to attract, develop and engage talent.

At Astra, we provide:

The Talent attraction which leads to the success, through a deep understanding of the markets in which they operate (Astra Selection"clients 18 (years attracting "Talent that leads to success" of our customers).

The commitment to talent offering continuing education resources, Coaching and Mentoring that will facilitate effective Feedback on their performance and career development.

El desarrollo de una culture of participation to maintain a solid relationship between the employees and immediate, as one of the main inducers of professionals committed to.

The development of leaders and leadership models effective to develop a talent hired and developed strong commitment.

The communication tools and technology dropouts, developed together with international partners, by senior human resources consultants, business and computer.

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